Reporting Diversity
Television News 2007 Study

Gail Phillips, Murdoch University;
May 2008


This is the second study funded by the Department of Immigration and Citizenship examining the way in which Australia’s television news represents people from different ethnic backgrounds.  The first study in 2005 was a three-city analysis (Perth, Sydney, Shepparton) which itself built on an original pilot analysis of the Perth television news services in 2001 (see Phillips and Tapsall 2007a).  This 2007 study, now including a fourth centre Townsville, is therefore the third part of what has evolved into a longitudinal study examining the trends in television news between 2001 and 2007. 

The 2007 study provides the opportunity to observe if and how things have progressed since the last snapshot, and allows more confident conclusions that can hopefully be the basis for recommendations to improve future practice.

Note: As is explained in the paper we have applied an established academic label (Ethnic Minority, EM) to describe the people from Non-Anglo backgrounds whose presence we are tracking in Australia’s television news. This is because it appeared the most inclusive and least contentious of available terms to cover this demographic.


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