Reporting Diversity
Community Consultations


A suggestion at the Reference Group meetings during the Journalism in Multicultural Australia (JMA) Project was the facilitation of a round table discussion with key stakeholders identified by the National Steering Committee and Reference Groups.
The aims of the round table discussions were to:

  • gather and exchange information with key stakeholders who may not be able to commit to Reference Group membership but who are important leaders within their constituencies;
  • seek specialist information on research projects which have been identified throughout the course of the project by the National Steering Committee in consultation with the Reference Groups;
  • convene a particular combination of key stakeholders to discuss sensitive issues relevant to certain aspects of the project.

On 17th May 2008 a Community / Industry discussion was held in Sydney. The discussion was held in the form of an ‘Open Space’ meeting and participants came from a wide range of backgrounds relevant to the project. A ‘Book of Proceedings’ was produced which forms a record of the meeting. A copy of this document can be accessed here.

Member : Murdoch UniversityMember: Griffith UniversityMember: University of South AustraliaMember: Media MonitorsMember: SBSMember: University of CanberraMember: Journalism Education AssociationMember: University of Western Sydney
Department of Immigration and Citizenship