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Media Analysis: Television News

The aim of the television news study was to examine the amount and nature of reporting on multicultural affairs in Australia’s television news services. Two content analyses were undertaken: the first in 2005 and the second in  2007. The study was conducted by Gail Phillips (Murdoch University) and Suellen Tapsall (AIM:UWA Alliance).with the assistance of Andrew Tapsall and research assistant Jo Morrison.   
The 2005 study analysed the nightly television news broadcasts in three centres: Sydney (New South Wales), Perth (Western Australia) and Shepparton (Victoria) across a two-week period in November 2005. All news items broadcast from the commercial stations, the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) and Special Broadcasting Service (SBS) were recorded and then coded using a classification system and computerised database developed by Murdoch University. The University and the other project partners acknowledge the significant contribution of Media Monitors in the development of this resource.

The report detailing the results of the 2005 study can be accessed here.

A second survey was undertaken in 2007 for a two-week period in May. Using similar methodology, it was expanded to include a fourth centre, Townsville in Queensland, in addition to the original three centres in New South Wales, Western Australia and Victoria.

The report detailing the results of the 2007 study can be accessed here.
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